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Company Profile[Back to top]
  • About Us
    • AP Securities, Incorporated (APS) is a full-service stock brokerage firm in the Philippines offering a wide array of client services and support products. The company is one of the leading stock brokerages in the country as it has consistently ranked among the top brokers in terms of turnover since its inception. Guided by its mission to increase the number of Filipinos investing in the Philippine stock market, APS offered online brokerage services to widen its reach and increase the accessibility of its services to Filipinos around the world.
  • Services Offered
    • Traditional Brokers
    • Online Trading
    • Research Reports
      • Daily Morning Notes
      • Stocks Table
      • Weekly Technical Picks
      • Daily Technical Report
      • Company Reports
      • Special Reports
  • Contact Information
    • Business Address:
      20th flr The Peak Bldg., 107 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Vlg Makati City.
    • Telephone No.:
    • Fax No.:
    • E-mail Address:
Account Opening[Back to top]
  • How To Open
    1. At the home page, click "Open An Account".
    2. Fill up the APS online trading account application forms, or download the application forms, fill them out, and proceed to step 5.
    3. Print and sign online trading account application form, online trading agreement, and signature cards. (Note: Printer is required for completing this application.)
    4. Check your e-mail for the verification link from APS Online.
    5. Assemble application documents and other requirements.
    6. Submit application documents and other requirements to designated locations.
    7. Wait for e-mail confirmation from APS.
    8. Once APS confirms that account has been opened, proceed to funding your account. (Details on how to fund your account can be found below.)
  • Requirements Needed
    • 3 duly-accomplished forms (CAIF, OTSA, SCC)
    • 2 valid IDs (Any two of the following: Driver"s License, Passport, SSS/GSIS ID, Senior Citizen"s Card, Voter"s ID, Government office ID, PhilHealth Card, Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) ID, Seaman"s book, OFW ID, OWWA ID, Police or NBI Clearance)
  • Legal Age Requirement
    • Client must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Minimum Amount for New Online Trading Accounts
    • Php 5,000 for students
    • Php 15,000 for professionals
  • How To Fund Your Account
    • Deposit payment or make a telegraphic transfer through Metrobank (Metrobank).
      • If you are a local resident, you can visit any Metrobank branch to make a direct deposit to account name: AP Securities, Incorporated, savings account no. : 174-7-17451430-1, Metrobank, Ayala Avenue, Bankmer Branch, using either your personal check (this will ensure a faster verification process) or cash. You can also make a domestic telegraphic transfer to the said account.
        (NOTE: Clients that made bank deposits/transfers should provide a copy furnish of the deposit or transfer slips.)
    • Deposit at our office.
      • You can visit our office during office hours from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm, Mondays through Fridays, to make your check deposit.
        (Note: Cash should be deposited directly to any Metrobank branch). Our office address is as follows:

        AP Securities, Incorporated
        20th flr The Peak Bldg.,
        107 L.P. Leviste St.,
        Salcedo Vlg Makati City.

    • Wire funds to our Metrobank Account.
      • If you are based outside the Philippines, you can wire funds to AP Securities, Incorporated's account maintained at METROBANK using the following remittance instructions:

        Account Name: AP Securities, Incorporated
        Account No.: 174-7-17451430-1
        Name of Bank: Metrobank
        Branch: Ayala Avenue, Bankmer Branch

      • Inform APS with regards to your payment.
      • In case you are having difficulties with depositing your money at Metrobank, please call us at 02-8482915 and we will provide assistance.
  • Transfer stockholdings from another stock brokerage.
    • Instead of a cash or check deposit, you also have the option of transferring the equivalent value in shares of stock listed on the Philippine Stock exchange to start up your online trading account with us. To do this, you must give your local stockbroker written instructions to transfer your existing stockholdings to AP Securities, Incorporated. (APS). Please furnish APS (Attention: Danny Alqueza) a copy of this instruction and we will coordinate the transfer with your existing stock broker.
Account Maintenance and Information[Back to top]
  • Checking of Stock Position and Account Balance
    • You can check your positions and balances by clicking on the "TRADING" tab, and on the secondary option, click "VIEW PORTFOLIO". This will then display a summary of your listed stock positions with its current market value. You can also find your actual cash balance on this summary along with your potential buying power. Your actual balance shows how much money you have while your buying power shows what is available for purchase after any committed values for posted orders. Your total equity value will display your total net worth by adding both your remaining cash balance and the market value of all positions.
  • Payment for Stock Purchases
    • A client"s cash account with APS Online will serve as the payment source for stock purchases. The client can only buy as much as what can be purchased with his cash balance. Any proceeds generated by any stock sale will automatically be credited into the client"s cash account.
  • What To Do When You Forgot Your User ID or Password
    • Click "Forgot username/password" and you can enter your username and a new password will be sent to your e-mail address. You can also click the security question you chose and input your security answer.
  • Change in E-mail Address
    • Click "My Account" on the upper right hand corner of the page. Change the current e-mail address to the desired one and click "Update Profile".
  • Password Change
    • Click "My Account" on the upper right hand corner of the page. Enter preferred new password and confirm new password by entering it again. Click "Update Password" when you"re done.
Orders and Transactions[Back to top]
  • PSE Trading Hours and Schedule
    • Pre-Open - 09:00 a.m.
      • Online clients are allowed to enter orders but cannot cancel or modify orders.
    • Market Open - 09:30 a.m.
    • Market Recess - 12:00 p.m.
      • Clients are not allowed to enter/modify orders during this period.
    • Trading Resumption - 01:30 p.m.
    • Pre-Close - 03:17 p.m.
      • This period is the same as the Pre-Open Period. Clients are allowed to enter orders but cannot cancel or modify orders during this period.
    • Run-off / Trading-at-Last - 03:20 p.m.
      • Clients can enter Limit Orders at the Closing Price only.
    • Market Close - 03:30 p.m.
  • Placing an Order
    • Extend On
      • On the main page, there is an "Extend On" button. If you click it, there will be a quicktrade section on the extended right side of the page wherein you can easily buy and sell stocks with a shortcut to the "Trading" section. There are also shortcut buttons here if you want to immediately view your orders, your trades, or your portfolio. On the left side of the page, an extended watchlist will appear. Stocks that you want to keep track of can be encoded here and you have a glimpse of their last price and percent change in price. You can also click on the market glance if you want to see the movement of the PSEi, the gainers and the losers, and the prices of the other stocks
    • Quotes
      • Under the "Quotes" tab, you can enter the stock code in the "Stock Info". On that page, there is a buy and sell button that can immediately take you to the order page.
      • For the "Main Quote" section, there is a 5-tiered multiple bid pages where you can view several stocks at the same time. There is a bid and ask section where the volume of all the buyers and sellers for a particular stock can be viewed.
      • Under the "Broker Info", the activity of all the brokers can be found here. The volume of bought and sold stocks, the average price, and value of stocks for each broker is reflected in the Broker Activity. For the Broker Rankings, the brokers are ranked according to their portfolio"s total value. The value of all the stocks they bought, the value of all the stocks they sold, and their net value are also indicated.
      • Under the "Market Stats", this reflects the Most Active stocks, the Top Gainers, and the Worst Losers based on their change in price.
      • Under the "Mkt Indices", the Index Report reflects the changes in the index and the performance of all the sectors under it. The Index
  • Status of Orders
    • O Open, these are orders that have been posted in the market and have no match.
    • PF Partially Filled, these are orders that are partially matched.
    • F Filled, these are posted orders that are fully matched and done.
    • X Rejected, these are posted orders but are rejected by the exchange, system, or broker.
    • C Cancelled, these are posted orders but eventually cancelled.
    • FA For Approval, these are orders that are pending for broker"s approval.
    • PRC Processing, these are orders that are currently being processed by the system.
    • Q Queued, these are orders that are posted during off-market hours.
  • Charges and Fees
    • The commission for online trading is 0.25% or P20 for minimum volume traded.
    • Other Charges

    Buying Charges
    Fee Amount Remarks
    Commission 0.25% Of the Gross Trade Amount
    Value Added Tax (VAT) 12% Of Commission
    Securities Clearing Corporation of the Philippines Fee (SCCP) 0.01% Of the Gross Trade Amount
    Selling Charges
    Fee Amount Remarks
    Commission 0.25% Of the Gross Trade Amount
    Value Added Tax (VAT) 12% Of Commission
    Securities Clearing Corporation of the Philippines Fee (SCCP) 0.01% Of the Gross Trade Amount
    Sales Tax 0.50% Of the Gross Trade Amount


    Buying Total fees for buying 20,000 shares of ABC at Php5.00/share
    Commission (20,000 x P5.00) x 0.0025 P 250.00
    VAT P250 x 0.12 P 30.00
    SCCP (20,000 x P5.00) x 0.0001 P 10.00
    Total   P290.00

    Selling Total fees for selling 20,000 shares of ABC at P5.20/share
    Commission (20,000 x P5.20) x 0.0025 P 260.00
    VAT P260 x 0.12 P 31.20
    SCCP (20,000 x P5.20) x 0.0001 P 10.40
    Sales Tax (20,000 x P5.20) x 0.005 P 520
    Total   P821.60
  • Minimum Volume Per Trade
    • Click the "Trading" tab, and there you will see the "Board Lot". This contains the price range of a stock and the minimum volume per trade you can purchase of that stock. It also shows the minimum fluctuation should prices change.
    • Board Lot
      • Each stock may trade at different minimum lot sizes controlled by its price. This minimum lot size is called a Board Lot (see table below). If a stock's board lot is 1,000 then that is the minimum amount of shares that can be bought and any mount above this should also be traded in scales of 1,000. Thus an order to buy a stock with a board lot of 1,000 will reject an order to buy 1,500 and 3,200; but will accept 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 and above as long as it is wholly divisible by 1,000 and not leave any partial lots.

      Currency CodeMinimum PriceMaximum PriceFluctuationBoard Lot
      PHP 0.0001 0.0099 0.0001 1000000
      PHP 0.01 0.049 0.001 100000
      PHP 0.05 0.249 0.001 10000
      PHP 0.25 0.495 0.005 10000
      PHP 0.5 4.99 0.01 1000
      PHP 5 9.99 0.01 100
      PHP 10 19.98 0.02 100
      PHP 20 49.95 0.05 100
      PHP 50 99.95 0.05 10
      PHP 100 199.9 0.1 10
      PHP 200 499.8 0.2 10
      PHP 500 999.5 0.05 10
      PHP 1000 1999 1 5
      PHP 2000 4998 2 5
      PHP 5000 1000000 5 5

    • Odd Lot
      • Any amount of shares not wholly divisible by a minimum board lot is considered an Odd lot. Odd lots are traded at an Odd Lot board which are usually illiquidly traded and often at a discount to the stocks market price.
      • Currently, odd-lot shares are broker-assisted. Please call us at 02-8482915 to post odd-lot orders.
  • Cancellation and Editing of Placed Orders
    • Your orders can be cancelled as long as they have not yet been matched. If the order has been partially filled, you can only cancel the unfilled portion. During the Market Posting (Pre-Open and Pre-Close) periods, no orders can be cancelled.
  • Broker-Assisted Posting of Orders
    • In the event that the system is down or an error occurred, the client can still post their orders by calling our office at 02-8482915 and our brokers will execute it live for them. This broker-assisted posting of orders is charged 0.25%, same with the online trading. (NOTE: This option is for EMERGENCY posting only.)
Deposit and Withdrawal[Back to top]
  • How To Deposit Stock Certificates
    1. Bring the stock certificates to our office.
    2. Provide a photocopy of 2 valid IDs and a signature card. Personal appearance by the stockholder is only required for certain offices.
    3. APS will have the stock certificates cleared at the Stock Transfer Office.
    4. We will credit the shares to your online trading account and you can put it up for sale.
  • Transferring Stockholdings To Another Broker
    • To transfer stockholdings to another broker, you must give AP Securities, Incorporated (APS) written instructions to transfer your existing stockholdings to another stock broker
      (NOTE: Furnish them a copy of your letter to APS), and we will coordinate the transfer with your existing stockbroker.
  • Withdrawing the Proceeds from a Stock Sale
    • If you want to withdraw some proceeds from a stock sale, download the form for withdrawing funds and fill it up. We can issue you a check and you can either pick it up at our office address or we can send it via our messenger (NOTE: If within Metro Manila area, Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Pasay, Caloocan), or we can deposit the funds to your account.
    • The duly signed form for withdrawing funds must be forwarded to our office and then we will comply with your request.
Privacy and Security[Back to top]
  • Proof of Transactions
    • When you buy, the shares bought are lodged with APS under your account. You can view your stock positions and statements in your online trading account under the "Trading" tab.
  • Security Features
    • When you login to our website you are always in a 'secure session' - you can tell this by looking for a padlock displayed in your browser and checking that the website address starts with 'https'. This means the data sent between your computer and our website is encrypted and even if it falls into the hands of a third party, it is virtually impossible to decipher.
    • We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption - which makes our website very secure.
    • You will be automatically logged off if your session remains inactive for 15 minutes after logging into our website.
    • Your password is needed for every transaction made to ensure that it is only you that is making the changes in your account.
Technical Queries[Back to top]
  • Internet Browser Compatibility
    • This site is best viewed using Safari 5, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox 4. However, it can still be viewed using Internet Explorer.
  • Compatibility of System with Other Gadgets (android, tablets, etc.)
    • This online trading platform can be viewed in any android phone or tablet with internet access.
  • Internet Connection Speed
    • The internet speed depends on your connection, not ours.
Other Services[Back to top]
  • Charts
    • Charts and different charting tools can be found in the "Charts" tab. Enter the stock code and indicate what kind of chart you want to display (bar, line, or candlestick), the kind of data on the chart (daily, weekly, or monthly), whether or not you want to incorporate a moving average (no moving average, 20-PRD and 50-PRD average, or 100-PRD and 200-PRD average), and technical tools (MACD oscillator, DMI spread, RSI, stochastics) you want to use.
  • Research Reports
    • Morning Notes
      • We upload daily morning notes on the website before the market opens. This includes the previous close of local and some foreign indices, PSE index gainers and losers for the previous day, and all the current market-moving news in major newspapers.
    • Daily Technical Report
      • We upload daily technical reports when there are changes in recommendations based on technical analysis of chosen stocks.
    • Weekly Technical Picks
      • Our weekly technical picks are uploaded every Monday. This reflects our review of the past week and recommendation for certain stocks that week using technical analysis. The chart, formation, support and resistance levels, and action is included for the stock picks.
    • Stocks Table
      • Our stocks table is uploaded every Monday. This contains our summary of fundamental recommendations and intrinsic values of selected stocks for the week.
    • Special Reports
      • Special Reports can be done to initiate coverage on some stocks, provide analysis on certain sectors or companies based on prevailing market conditions, etc.
  • Announcements
    • Announcements can be found in the "Main" page, after the latest uploaded research reports.
  • PSE News
    • News from the PSE website can be found in the "Main" page after the "Announcements".